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Though often considered a feasible choice for individuals who experience hair loss, surgical hair transplants can typically cause numerous unfavorable negative effects. Due to the invasive nature of the procedure, hair transplants can occasionally lead both to infection and hair loss. Even more, during transplant procedures, cosmetic surgeons remove hair follicles from one part of a person's head and transplant them into another. In this sense, the effectiveness of surgical hair transplantation is limited to the quantity of practical hair follicles offered on an individual's scalp. Lastly, hair transplant surgical treatment can sometimes cause considerable scarring and raised marks on the scalp, in turn creating a visual look which is less than natural.
The advantages of non-surgical hair replacement
Listed below, we list the essential advantages of non-surgical hair replacement versus surgical hair transplant.
Hair systems that suit your colour and style
Non-surgical hair replacement systems can be crafted to match the original colour and style of a person's hair. The significant care and information taken in the building and construction of non-surgical systems serves to develop an appearance here which is entirely natural, consequently increasing an individual's confidence. Natural, non-surgical hair replacement systems are ideal for people who have experienced substantial hair loss as the outcome of a major medical condition.
mmediate outcomes Whereas hair transplant treatments take a considerable amount of time, non-surgical hair replacement pieces (when made) can be worn instantly (and can be styled appropriately.
Comfort and toughness

Rather than looking like regular wigs, the non-surgical replacement systems supplied by Senator Crown are fixed to the scalp utilizing a special membrane, within which the natural hair is woven into the replacement piece. Unlike normal wigs, non-surgical systems are fixed firmly, allowing the user to participate in daily activities with ease and confidence.

Ensured results

The effectiveness of hair related medical treatments varies from individual to person and, as such, there is no assurance of success. On the other hand, non-surgical hair replacement systems can be specially created to fit the person, allowing them, in turn, to take pleasure in a full head of natural looking hair.

If you feel that non-surgical hair replacement might be the right service for you, bringing you a new discovered self-confidence, you can call to organize a discreet assessment with our stylists.

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